Monday, 25 August 2014

Out with the old - a bank holiday clear up

So in preparation for the move, we've used the bank holiday weekend to start tackling the mountains of crap we've accumulated. So much stuff has been in storage for months (if not years) that it's hard to remember exactly what we've got!

In particular, I have bags, boxes and suitcases full of clothes. One of the key advantages of having such a limited wardrobe whilst I was pregnant, is that it has made me realise that I just don't need so much.

Apart from a minor disaster where some cushions we wanted had been ravaged by mice (yuck), we have so far successfully cleared the double garage. Christmas decorations and tools have remained, but there has been one car load taken to the tip and then 8 boxes and bags of clothes, shoes and bric a brac given away.

Have you used freecycle before? It's a fabulous concept - people just give away items they no longer want. My best ever find was our beautiful walnut piano. It's got wear and tear around the edges and needs a good re-tune, but it's such a lovely thing to have in a house and I can't believe we got it for free. It truly is amazing what some people give away and the key to doing well out of freecycle is to be polite and prompt in collecting what you have been given.

Anyway, we decided to give away the boxes and bags on freecycle - after all, it only works as a community if people give as well as take. Was absolutely delighted that someone who works in a charity shop came and collected our bags to sell on. It saved us a trip and will make money for charity - win win all round.

The next task will be the box room in our house - not called the "box" room because it's small, no, it's a large double, but full to the ceiling in places with boxes! A job for another day (or entire weekend more likely).

On the sofa celebrating with a glass of wine right now!

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